By renovation, we mean the restoration of damaged or worn buildings to a new state. This concerns houses, detached or not, but also business premises and historic buildings. Wear can be very striking, for example if the façade is damaged. It can also be subcutaneous which is just as bad and sometimes dangerous. The construction company partner in your area can do any renovation job.

With a damaged or worn façade our network can help you and you can be sure that your façade will be restored to its original state. We have renovation specialists in our network who can restore any style facade in full glory and with respect for the character of the house or building. From small repairs of ornamental elements, to full re-upholstery of the façade, everything is possible.

It is also possible that the wear goes further and / or is deeper than just the face of your house. In that case our experts can start with an investigation, a kind of diagnosis. In consultation, it will be determined which activities are necessary to get your home or property back in new condition. Naturally, you decide what will be done in the end and you will also be kept informed of the progress during renovations. This way you will never be surprised!

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