New Construction

For new buildings, business premises or other projects, you can also contact a recognized construction company that is affiliated with our network. Our affiliated construction company has extensive experience in building different types of buildings. These can be divided into houses and business premises.


Homes exist in unthinkable many different sizes, designs and colors. Those who have land on the flat land will have a very different dream home than those who settle in a more urban environment. With almost any type of home, the Aanbouwbedrijf network has experience. This is partly because there is always a construction company ready in your area. This team has experience with exactly the kind of houses that are suitable for your environment! They will guide you from design (together with an architect) to the final delivery of the house.


In the meantime, you will of course be constantly informed of, and closely involved with, the progress of your new construction project by our construction company. Any complications will always be solved together with you. If you are planning to build a house of your own, anywhere in the Netherlands, then construction company is the perfect partner for your new construction project! So ask for a free quotation today !


Our network also does not work for business premises. You can outsource your new office building to low-rise or high-rise buildings with peace of mind. You will be kept informed of the progress, and you do not have to worry about the construction of your office becoming a miserably long process.

So for any new construction job, via our network you always have a construction company around the corner!