Are you looking for space for an extra bedroom or study room for example, but are you short of space on the first or second floor? Then choose a dormer! A dormer window provides extra usable space on a sloping roof. This makes it useful to use the space for an extra sleeping or study room, for example.

Dormers are available in all shapes and sizes. A number of species can be found below:

  • Dormer window with a flat roof: this is the most common variant and the price is relatively low. This is also the only type that can be placed without a building permit.
  • Dormer window with a sloping roof: this type is typical of the sloping roof. The dormer window can form a unit together with a house because it can be finished with the same roof tiles.
  • Dormer with raised ridge: a type with a one- or two-sided raised ridge gives extra space. The finishing of a dormer window with a raised ridge is very flexible, there is plenty of room for customization.

The organisation from our network supply dormer windows in both wood and plastic. They will gladly inform you about the different materials and types that can be applied to your home. We always have an attachment company close to you and deliver quickly. They work extremely expertly at a competitive price! You will also receive an excellent guarantee. So ask for an offer without obligation!