We are in a fast-moving world, and age-old thoughts and ideas do not work here. Today most of the people who look forward to renovating their house look up to different blogs to renovate or remodel their house. There are a lot of blogs that inspire you with elegant ideas to build your house, but since all of us look up to the internet for support, we do not want our houses to look similar. So here we are handpicking some of the blogs that are pretty much innovative that you can follow on a regular basis. So let us get to the list.

Top 5 Blogs to follow for Home Renovations Ideas

Blogs to follow:


Not just get inspired to remodel and redesign your house, but also get an opportunity to buy beautiful artefacts by visiting her website. What they simply believe is that ‘nothing in the house is useless’, and they are proving it as well. With their ready-to-go DIY ideas, you can simply make any trash a reusable object. So, the next time you want to trash something, make sure to take a second look.

Homey Improvements:

At Homey Improvements, you do not just get innovative ideas and remodeling designs but also a lot of tricks and tips to make your house the best place to live in. The blog owner James and his wife contribute to the development of this site. The best part of visiting this site is that the commercial element is a little less as most of the ideas that they share are personally tested ones and are quite similar to the house they live in. So be sure to visit this site for some homey ideas.

Apartment Therapy:

This site, Apartment Therapy was launched in the year 2001. It is pretty hard to believe that we had a home decor website as early as when Google was just 5 years old. These guys must have been the pioneers in blogging about home decor ideas. The blog is maintained by Maxwell Ryan, an interior designer, who is known by the inmates as Apartment Therapist and that is where the site takes its name from.  They even guide you on how to shop things for your house and provide real-life decor solutions.

Vintage Revivals:

In case if you are looking for a blog that can help you make big renovations without much difficulty, then Vintage Revivals is probably the site that you are looking for. Mandi, the blogger here, guides you through each and every step that you have to follow to make your house a look colourful and enthusiasm. Beware, there are no small-time renovations in this blog.

The Ugly Duckling House:

Ugly Ducking House, isn’t the name quite interesting? The ideas here are better than that. It is Sarah who manages all the stuff on the blog. From the simple to complex remodelling ideas, she can simply demonstrate everything for you. The best part of following Sarah’s blog is that she is very much inspiring and energetic. With her blog, you can simply get into any kind of renovation.